Alternatives to Blue Jeans

With fall making itself at home and winter swiftly approaching, it may seem like jeans and…sweatpants… are your only options for leg-wear. That is completely untrue! There are a wide range of options available without falling into the denim rut.

No they were not just a 90’s trend. Corduroys are a warm, trendy alternative to jeans that can be dressed up or down depending on your desired style.Corduroy 1 Corduroy 2

Insulated leggings
For those “I need to run to Walgreens, but I have no intention of getting fully dressed” moments. Do not, I repeat, DO NOT resort to sweatpants. These are guaranteed to keep you just as warm, if not warmer, and much more fashion-conscious.

Leggings 1 Leggings 2

They are not just for young girls! Tights are so trendy, chic, and can be worn with just about anything. Try an oversized sweater, pair of shorts, skirt, or dress combination in the colder months to keep you warm. They are also super comfortable and easy to put on, so don’t let them slip your mind!

tights 1 tights 2 tights 3

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