Fall Bucket List

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via Pinterest

Fall is on the horizon! As the summer weather starts to cool down and the leaves turn orange, our tank top wardrobe is boxed up and replaced with long sleeves, army jackets, and our favorite pair of leather boots. The smell of crisp air and apples fill the air and the green world outside quickly transforms into bright hues of orange and yellow. Not all of you get to experience this autumn wonder, but those who do know how beautiful it is! So get out and enjoy it. Here’s a few things you can do dressed up in your favorite plaid flannel, riding boot, and cozy scarf!

1. Go apple picking.

2. Find your way out of a corn maze.

3. Take a hayride.

4. Pick out pumpkins and carve a Jack-O-Lantern.

5. Rake leaves and jump!

6. Go for a hike when the leaves are brightest.

7. Make a pie.

8. Sip apple cider over a fire with friends.

9. Camp under the stars.

10. Find and press leaves to remember all the memories.

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