Worth a Look: Baublebar

Personally, I have a difficult time finding accessories I like and know will fit with multiple outfits. Thanks to some web surfing, I stumbled upon this little gem of a store: Baublebar. If you haven’t heard yet, it holds a wide variety of necklaces, earrings, rings, and bracelets. They even have a link for style suggestions if you’re feeling stuck on what to buy – plus they offer free shipping everywhere in the US!

For each accessory category (with the exception of earrings), there’s an option to “personalize” it, as seen here with this intricate monogram necklace:

The looping, scrolling text of this monogram makes it a must-have for the ultra-feminine girl. Completely personalize this piece with custom metals, chain lengths and pendant sizes.
Via pinterest.com

Of course, personalized accessories cost more than non-personalized ones, but the prices are a catch for their quality and style, such as this crystal cage ring duo, a steal for $28.

This set of two rings features a four-band statement ring and a double-band midi ring, all covered in pavé for a stylized set that creates a major crystal statement.
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Baublebar’s website even has a subcategory for accessories that are trending now, such as this triple-layer chain piece:

Get an expertly layered look with this delicate three-tiered necklace, embellished with textured gold and raw crystal.
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Or these simply gorgeous teardrop earrings:

A floral motif accents a teardrop for a playfully elegant earring, just right for a garden party.
Via pinterest.com

From statement pieces to delicate accents to fun emoticons, there are accessories available for women of all ages. Check the store locator on their website or just head to baublebar.com to get started at your one-stop-shop for accessories!

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