Back to School Style Evolution

Fall is nearly here and it’s around this time (if not earlier) people start wondering what to wear for the first day – or week – of school. Let’s face it, the level of dressiness usually devolves like so:


On the first day, you’re strutting your best outfits and feeling awesome. Maybe you’ve caught the eye of that cute guy in your class. You have your best articles of clothing on and you’re certainly catching attention. By the second week, though, this is what happens:


It’s basically putting on the simplest outfit you can while still looking chic. You’re still kind of trying, but you have higher priorities than looking good – like sleep. By the time you get to the end of the first month, when classes and work start getting intense and you’re staying up just a tad too late…


…it’s pretty much down to a nice top and jeans. If you’re feeling up for it, maybe you’ll go so far as a cute shirt over your favorite skirt. That brings us to midterms.


Break out the oversized sweaters and boots combination! Comfy and cozy, you manage to look decently put together enough to survive the day. Enter finals or a group project that’s a do-or-die kind of deal:


Leggings are now acceptable. Morning coffee is a priority over all. And sleep? What is sleep? There’s a test and a presentation tomorrow!

After it’s all over, there’s finally a break or vacation…where you can relax…until you have to start the cycle all over again.

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