What’s in Your Bag?

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Whether you prefer a small crossbody or oversized tote, somehow our handbags collect the most random contents. Across social media, we are often struck with bag envy when we see perfectly positioned pictures of what people are carrying around, wishing ours could be that neat and contain so many cute goodies. That being said, this isn’t just another post showing off our bag contents–it’s a bag check! What are you carrying that shouldn’t be there? Maybe it’s a million receipts from last year or tickets to a concert you saw six months ago. Maybe it’s your collection of 20 lipsticks and lip glosses contributing to an unnecessarily heavy purse. Here’s three tips to keep your bag neat and orderly:

1. Filter through the contents at least once a month. Get rid of gum wrappers, empty lipsticks, old papers, etc. You get it– junk collects in the deepest corners!

2. Carry only what you need. Women are always concerned about the “what if I need…” situations. Let’s face it, we probably can make do carrying 3 of our favorites shades of lip color rather than our whole inventory.

3. Watch out for bags inside of bags. It’s easy to have every content of our makeup drawer commence inside our purse in another bag, but this adds another pound or two for our shoulder. A good question to ask yourself: how much do you really touch up? Take only what you actually find useful!

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