Trend Watch: Fall Palettes

You’ve been reading about styles for the upcoming season; let’s talk about colors! If you’ve been keeping up with the blog, you may have noticed floral prints are mentioned quite frequently. Now, let’s say floral prints aren’t quite your thing—how about giving floral brights a try?


The red of a rose in bloom and yellow of dandelions are all part of the trending fall palette. In other words, bright flower colors are a beautiful option to adorn your wardrobe for a pop of color.

However, if you’re one of those ladies who prefer to shop for a lifetime rather than a season, consider these colors:


Think “mysterious.” You want the blue-black, Great-tailed Grackle kind of colors. This hue conjures up the “Mockingjay” from the Hunger Games—subtly bold and beautiful.


Your Fall 2014/2015 palette is set, so get out there and shop for those colors!

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