Style Files: Cape

I love capes. No, not the Superman, Thor, Batman, or whatever-superhero-you’re-thinking-of type cape. I mean the warm and extremely functional fashion cape. Yes, I realize it’s only August and in no way is anyone ready to think about winter, but capes are certainly a useful fashion transition piece from season to season! For example, take Olivia Palermo:

- Via

Palermo pairs her Burberry cape with high-waisted shorts, a button-down, thigh-high boots, and sunglasses, which makes this summer-appropriate. Palermo could use this exact same cape in the fall by swapping out the shorts for a skirt. For winter, she could easily wear jeans and stay bundled up in her cape.

Most people don’t wear capes because it’s such an unusual trend and therefore “hard to pull off.” I can assure you that is not the case. There’s only one guideline to wearing a cape. Ready for it?

Treat it like a jacket.

You can wear it over a dress or a skirt and let the edges peak out from underneath your cape or you can wear it open over your shirt and jeans. Some stores offer a cape and shirt all-in-one, such as the one below suited perfectly for summer and warmer fall days.


For winter, capes are my go-to item because of the abundance of room provided underneath. I can hug my textbooks close to me as I walk to and fro from classes while staying warm, plus I can easily slip out an arm through the slit if need be. Trendy, warm, functional…what’s not to love?


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