Style Files: Denim Dos and Don’ts

No matter how many fads come in and out of the fashion world, denim will always be a key staple in the everyday-girl’s wardrobe. A few tips when it comes to donning your favorite denim looks:

  1.      DO: Dress it up! Solid-colored, crisp denim can always be paired with a more formal top and accessories to make your jeans more versatile than you could have imagined.denim 1
  2.      DON’T: Fear color! It’s okay to get colorful with your denim. White and blue are not the only denim colors on earth—pastel denims are super trendy (and surprisingly versatile) this summer!denim 2
  3.      DO: Keep it tasteful! If you like to pair denim with denim, do it tastefully. Try to use different patterns, shades, or colors to make it more fashion forward rather than looking like you just stepped out of the ‘90s.denim 3

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