Style Files: Little White Dress

The little black dress is a classic, but lately I’ve been seeing little white dresses popping up all over (Queen Letizia of Spain’s gorgeous ensemble at her and her husband’s coronation, anyone?).


As mere commoners, we aren’t likely to have a fashion designer at our beck and call to craft the perfect LWD for us. How do we go about making a minimalistic article of clothing into something highly fashionable? Let’s go over a few styling tips:

1. Give the LWD an LSB (little slim belt)

It’s amazing what a slim belt can do for a LWD. Solid gold belts are always popular, but as long as the belt is slim and doesn’t overlap itself (in other words, is a clasped or hooked belt that fits your waist perfectly), you can pull off a classy, seamless look.

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2. Make a statement!

Statement necklaces may have debuted a few seasons ago, but they are still as hot as ever! Give your LWD a boost with your favorite statement necklace, pop on a pair of heels or flats, and be on your way.

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3. Color POP!

A simple LWD means that you can go big with color – but it’s a look best done by concentrating on one key spot. If you want to go for deep mauve lips or slip your feet into those emerald green pumps, this is the time to do it! Your LWD will keep you looking stylish and an eye-catching choice of color will give you that extra fashion boost.

4. Slip on a sweater

Slip on a sweater over your LWD! If you’re going to the office, try a fitted blazer or a cardigan. Layers will give your LWD a twist, whether you’re out for a casual night with the girls, a busy day in the office, or running a quick errand.

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5. Leave it just as it is

Sometimes, a dress is glorious all on its own and doesn’t need any extras to shine. Wear your LWD for what it is—a little white dress.

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Make way, LBD. LWD just might take over your timeless empire.

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