Inspiration: Willabelle

After stumbling upon this lovely fashionista’s Instagram, I could not stop myself from rushing over to her website and adoring all her outfits. There was one outfit that stood out most to me, which, after a bit of research, I found contained a rather interesting article of clothing. Take a look for yourself; can you guess which part of her outfit inspires this post?


The top half of her “dress” is actually a playsuit! Of course, it’s not like the full one-piece playsuit that you’d put on a baby, but on the contrary is a feminine grown-up version that generally consists of a blouse and shorts.

These playsuits are perfect for summer – not only are they light and cooling, but they can be your go-to outfit whenever you’re in a rush or if you wish to glam it up as Willabelle demonstrated above.

Via Pinterest

Simple, easy, and pretty! Not to mention that there are a wide variety of options, including ones that are a tad more formal.

Via Pinterest

One of the best things about these playsuits is their versatility; suitable for women of all ages, available in a variety of fabrics and styles, and perfect for all kinds of events.

Via Pinterest

Take a leaf from Willabelle’s book and try on a playsuit today! Wear it just as it is or slip on a pretty skirt or a pair of pants to change up the look. Don’t forget to accessorize!

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