Trend Watch: Short Hair

New season, new ‘do! Celebrities everywhere are chopping off their gorgeous long locks – and in some cases, dyeing them cotton candy colors! (Demi Lovato, anyone?) From Taylor Swift’s well-known backstage lob to Jennifer Lawrence’s outgrown pixie, it seems that people cannot get enough of the short and sweet haircuts.

Remember to keep in mind your face shape and, of course, personality before rushing off to the salon. Short styles are among the hardest to maintain—the exception being the chin-length bob, which grows out to a gorgeous lob!

For those who have watched Beyonce’s Pretty Hurts, you have already seen her gorgeous pixie that later debuted on Instagram.

Via Instagram
Via Instagram

For those who want to keep some of their length, you can follow Hilary Duff’s lead and go for the lob!

Via Instagram

The most popular option lately is to try something like Kaley Cuoco’s cute cut (it’s gorgeous both messy and neat!).


What’s your take on the short and sweet? Would you go for it? And as Taylor Swift said: “Short hair, don’t care!”

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