Style Files: Chain Headpiece

Maybe when you were little, you would sit in the grass with your friends, pull out flowers, and make a simple daisy headband. Perhaps you’ve seen a Bollywood movie and loved how the ornate golden headpieces shone against an actress’ hair. Whatever the case may be, headwear has always been an interesting accessory. The best part about modern chain headpieces is that they aren’t reserved exclusively for brides-to-be or formal events anymore. While the most are glamorous and elegant, there are a few more casual options for those interested in adding a little fun to your hair.

Via Pinterest

With these pretty accessories, you can simply use a cuffed chain headpiece to hold back your hair or you could opt to tie hair up and clip it in. The latter option is great to keep long hair up and out of the way during hot summer days, while still adding a bit of interest to a plain bun.

Via Pinterest
Via Pinterest

For those who are more daring and cannot get enough of the ear cuff trend –why have one when you can have both?

Via Pinterest

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