Holiday Happenings: Father’s Day

Father’s Day is just around the corner! What do you have planned for that fatherly figure in your life? When it comes to clothes, you need to know exactly what will put a smile on his face; otherwise it’ll be another gift that sits in the closet until it’s ultimately needed as a cleaning rag for some liquid mishap. A few suggestions:

  • Keep it light: summer is coming up. No one wants to wear a heavy polo that accumulates sweat in pools large enough to be an in-ground feature of your backyard.
  • Keep it neutral: yeah, pink is super-cute, but the chances of guys voluntarily wearing that hue are much less than the odds of them throwing it on because they still haven’t done laundry. Neutral tones are guaranteed to get a lot of wears, ensuring a useful gift all-year round.
  • Keep it casual: seriously, how often do you think he will have a chance to wear a green turtle bow-tie or pink and blue plaid golf pants? Casual-wear is often worn and much needed.

Father’s Day doesn’t always have to be so difficult—when they already have the power tools and grill, clothes are always a great investment.

Father's Day

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