Trend Watch: Round Sunglasses

Summer means sun. Sun means blinding sunlight. It’s time to whip out a pair of sunglasses! The question that remains: which pair should you wear?

For those still reminiscing about the ’90s and wistfully holding onto a favorite pair from the olden days, great news! Vintage and ’90s eyewear is IN. The trend first caught traction when Rihanna debuted Chanel’s oversized, ’90s-inspired, round frames decorated with those iconic pearls.

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Since not all of us can pull off these frames like the fashion diva Rihanna, there are more demure options to consider. From tortiseshell to frameless to thick, colorful frames, there’s a style that fits everyone’s taste and face shape.

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For those ladies who adore Chanel’s pearl-decorated frames, but cannot afford the luxury pair – no problem! Just grab some super glue, your preferred pair of round-framed sunglasses, some pearl beads, and DIY away! For even more fun, no need to stop at pearls—the options are endless!

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