Our Favorites: May Edition

Cinco De Mayo: If you don’t already celebrate this holiday, you should! Whether you actually commemorate the Battle of Puebla and Mexican heritage or just eat nachos while wearing a sombrero, it’s the most fun you’ll be having on a Monday!

Mother’s Day: When the weather starts warming up and we suddenly have tunnel vision for summer, Mother’s Day can often slip our minds! On May 11th make sure to celebrate the mothers in your life and give them a fun day to remember. They deserve it! Here are some of our favorite gift ideas:

-Gift her with a fun new hobby; sewing kit, scrapbook supplies, gardening tools…the options are endless!

-Bake her something delicious! A couple of yummy options to consider are lemon blackberry muffins or pistachio bread.

-Flowers! Whether it’s a bouquet or something to plant, she’ll adore them.

-Scour Pinterest for something to DIY! One of our favorite ideas was a homemade lime-mint bath soak.

Album releases:  There’s an astounding roundup of albums set to be released in May to help us gear up for summer including: Lil Wayne, Atmosphere, Hunter Hayes, Michael Jackson (previously unreleased tracks), The Black Keys, Coldplay, The Roots, and Cher Lloyd. Our ears are definitely in for a treat!

The Amazing Spider-Man 2: Releases of superhero movies from Hollywood have been relentless for the past few years, but how can you resist Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield? Their real-life romance is too cute to handle! So if you want to join Spiderman on his greatest battle yet or just see a steamy on-screen couple, grab that popcorn and head to theaters on May 2nd.

The Amazing Spiderman 2 featuring Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield

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