Inspiration: Fashercise

It’s now the beginning of May and my New Year’s resolution vowing to be best friends with the gym has somehow slipped my mind completely. Don’t worry, I’ve been able to draft up a plan to revamp my wilting relationship with the pesky gym and you can certainly follow suit:

Step 1: Throw out those college T-shirts and wide leg pants. I may be working out, but I’m still in public!

Step 2: Feed my fashion monster and buy exercise clothes that are as rockin’ as my bod is going to be.

Step 3: Feel confident and empowered in my new wardrobe! Run on that treadmill like it’s a never-ending runway.

Alala Style SS 2014 Collection
Alala Style SS 2014 Collection

In my clothing-obsessed mind, this plan seems logical! If you’re looking for some new workout gear, as well, check out these innovative brands:

Alala Style

Live the Process

Sweaty Betty

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