Style Files: Mixing Prints

Personally, I’m a bit risk averse when it comes to fashion. I tend to stick with tried-and-true styles in neutral color palettes. The furthest I’ll dip my toe in the “pattern pool” is going with a simple stripe (hardly ground breaking). Ironically, one of my favorite trends that I’ve seen as of late involves mixing bold, typically unpaired, prints together. If, like me, you are not one to dabble in such trends, perhaps you’ll reconsider through a series of baby steps:
1. Patterned Top + Patterned Accessory
Here, the two prints in question are obviously stripes and leopard. In general, this would be a big fashion commitment if the leopard print were, say, on your pants. Adding it in the form of an accessory (shoes, scarf, handbag) is a way to grow comfortable with mixing prints.
Image via Pinterest
2. Mix in Monochrome
This is stepping your mixing-game up a notch. It’s two full-on prints on two separate items, but it seems more tame when they stay in the same color family. Here, the black and white polka dots blend effortlessly with the black and white stripes.
Image via Pinterest
3. Go Wild
Different colors, different patterns–whatever goes! I’m not at this stage yet, but I highly respect those who are able to mix stripes, animal prints, plaids, bold graphics, and anything else available. It’s a bold look, no doubt, but it can also be gratifying to mix up your normal fashion routine!
Image via Pinterest
Your turn–go out and mix it up! If you give it a try, tag us on Instagram (@Boottique), because we’d love to see!

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