Holiday Happenings: St. Patrick’s Day Nails

We searched high and low for festive green and gold shoes in the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day. The pickings were slim—what we did find required either a bold personality or a devotion to the Green Bay Packers to pull off successfully. Thus, our search turned to one of the most underrated accessories: nail polish! It’s quick, easy, available in a multitude of colors, and requires little commitment to the bold hue. Whether you’re a nail purist, always sticking to one color, or are willing to add a little accent of the shimmering St. Patrick’s Day gold, here are some of our favorite hues for the occasion! Hint—if you’re looking to doodle, try a gold metallic sharpie on top of your favorite green or white polish!

“Pretty Edgy” Essie
“Ivanka” Zoya
“Sparklebomb” Forumla X for Sephora
“Trustafarian” Butter

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