Our Favorites: March Edition

Academy Awards: This year’s award show season has been fantastic. We couldn’t be more excited for Ellen DeGeneres to host this final and prestigious show! Watch this always stylish event on March 2 on ABC.

Glamour Turns 75: March 3 marks Glamour Magazine’s 75th birthday! We are most definitely impressed by the many strong and powerful women who have built and sustained this fabulous publication for three quarters of a century! Glamour’s 75th Anniversary Issue is on stands now.

Daylight Savings: Okay, so we do lose an hour of sleep, which is never ideal, but more sunshine and longer days seem like a fair trade-off. Daylight saving time begins March 9 at 2 a.m., so make sure to set those clocks ahead. Spring is coming and we cannot wait!

Pi Day: Maybe it seems strange to celebrate a day for a mathematical constant, but once you realize there is pie involved, you will understand. For a fun activity with the kids, get your favorite kind of pie to demonstrate how to find the area and circumference of a circle. Of course, all of your work comes with sweet rewards when you get to sample your math lesson! Remember: twinkle, twinkle little star, circumference equals 2πr!

Spring: Spring officially begins on March 20! If you are still caught in winter, like we are, have no fear, warmer days are ahead. If you are in the D.C. area, check out the National Cherry Blossom Festival as a lovely start to spring, which also beings on the 20th!

National Cherry Blossom Festival, Washington, D.C. (Image via National Cherry Blossom Festival)

Muppets Most Wanted: It sure isn’t easy being green! Kermit the frog is mistaken for an international criminal, now what to do?! Watch funny lady Tina Fey and the rest of the Muppet crew in this fantastic family flick which hits theaters on March 21.

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