Local Love: Duluth Pack

Sometimes our journeys are documented through pictures or stories, but occasionally a cherished object makes its way through the whole trek and fully embodies the experience. Duluth Pack, a Minnesota classic, states on their website, “our packs have the unique ability to capture stories and evoke memories; this is what makes Duluth Pack special.” They are most certainly correct.

Duluth Pack Bison Leather Purse
Duluth Pack Bison Leather Purse

Maybe it’s Duluth Pack’s ability to capture the little moments or maybe it’s the way their products emerge perfectly worn, but whatever the reason, it serves as a trophy to remind you where you’ve been and how far you’ve come. After all, Duluth Pack is no stranger to capturing cherished moments. In December of 2010, the Metrodome, former home to the Minnesota Twins and Vikings, roof collapsed. Last August, they released a limited edition collection of packs made from the inner layer of the collapsed roof. Additionally, when Mumford and Sons played the Xcel Energy center earlier this fall, Duluth Pack custom made packs for the internationally loved group. Whatever venture they tackle, Duluth Pack sure knows how to capture a great moment.

My own story is simple, but significant to me, nonetheless. I spent an extended period of time out of the country a bit ago and used my Duluth Pack Shell Bag every day for months. It was whatever I needed it to be—a purse, a book bag, a laptop case, a suitcase. It felt like Hermione’s magic bag, appearing dainty and cute, though in reality it was the equivalent of Santa’s sack, protecting a lifetime of treasures. It traveled through countless countries and upon every visit I found something new to sew on it, like an old school trunk with labels tracking my every move.  I tied ribbons and stuffed mementos into the pockets. Now, every time I go to use it, I find a ticket from Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen, a receipt from a bakery in Paris, a train ticket from Switzerland, or my final return flight information (which was incredibly needed, though bittersweet). I think about the spills and the marks and there are stories for them all. My Duluth Pack was a constant companion through this journey. It was a silent observer, which now serves as a reminder for a significant period in my life.

Duluth Pack Double Shell Bag
Duluth Pack Double Shell Bag

Duluth Pack not only manufactures packs intended for camping, but also handbags and other wonderful accessories. Everything they make is attractive, made in the USA, and comes with a lifetime warranty. We suggest giving them look! Here’s to a wonderful local favorite who knows how to captures moments and make us feel like family.

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