Worth A Look: Pretty in my Pocket

Pretty in My Pocket

Are you ever overwhelmed when shopping for beauty products? It seems like every time we’re in a store there is some new lotion or potion that we supposedly NEED according to the manufacturer. But do we really need it and, more importantly, does it actually work? This is where Pretty in my Pocket comes in handy. This app is designed to provide immediate in-store advice, at-home inspiration and product discovery, and can be used as a beauty reference tool. If you are shopping in a store, just pick up the item you are contemplating and scan it. You will see if anyone has used it—whether it be bloggers or other users of the app—and the reviews they wrote! Additionally, there are looks created by makeup artists that allow you to shop the product they used. The versatility of this app makes it the perfect find for an avid beauty product shopper or just the casual shopper looking for occasional advice! Pretty in my Pocket is free and available on iTunes and Google Play.

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