Good Work: Soles4Souls

The holidays are winding down. Maybe your dear aunt gave you a pair of shoes two sizes too small or, even better, the exact same pair of shoes you received from her last year! Rather than leaving these unwanted shoes tucked in the back of your closet or hidden under your bed, consider putting them to good use. Soles4Souls is a wonderful organization which collects new and used shoes and clothing with the goal of fighting poverty. They work to provide basic items to individuals in need, as well as assisting with business skills to support future growth within communities. Find donation drop-off locations near you or consider a small donation. A pair of shoes is provided to someone in need for every $1 donated! If your closet is in need of a good clean or you just don’t know what to do with the not-your-style shoes from your sister’s well-intentioned boyfriend, consider Soles4Shoes. We greatly appreciate and support their wonderful efforts!


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