The Twelve Days of Boottique: On the Tenth Day…

On the first day we wore our favorite boots to town and around!

On the second day we put our boots to sleep, one Bootpourri in each!

On the third day our boots hung above, so much boot love!

On the fourth day they were polished so nice, in preparation for a great night!

On the fifth day, so cozie and cute, five wonderful hues!

On the sixth day, our pumps were unstaxed, the perfect night to dance!

On the seventh day, bows abound, looking good all around!

On the eighth day we received a deluxe gift, what a perfect pick!

On the ninth day, lovely scarves drape, today which one to take?

On the tenth day a glamorous dress is called from rest.

The Glamour Collection: Velvet Hangers (Set of 10)

It’s party season! Get dressed up, go out, and once you’ve partied the night away, put your favorite dress to sleep with the Glamour Girl Collection Velvet Hangers. These fabulous hangers secure clothing and keep your closet looking sharp!

Speaking of favorite dresses, check out Vogue UK’s list of most famous dresses through history. Our favorites are most definitely included. Check it out for a fun read, you won’t be disappointed!

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