Boot Love: Olive Thomas

Oh, Etsy, we love you so! Among your thousands and thousands of items are so many, dare we say too many, treasures calling our names. From photographs, handmade bunny stuffed animals, and one-of-a-kind agate clocks to delicate jewelry and hand-stitched leather goods, Etsy is a goldmine no matter what’s on your shopping list.

One Boottique intern reluctantly admits to keeping her cart nearly at capacity. A mere 100 items is the maximum you can retain in your cart at one time. This particular intern’s Etsy habits are not obsessive or the result of a shopping addiction, but rather, sometimes you find something so special, intricate, or unique that you just need to save it until the perfect occasion to purchase presents itself.  As the holidays approach, it’s nice to have an arsenal of treasures ready to go when shopping for a particularly difficult family member who has everything and requests nothing…

Recently, while surfing around Etsy, we came across Olive Thomas Shoes, a lovely shop hailing all the way from Tel Aviv Yaffo, Israel.  While reading more about this unique shoe shop, Olive Thomas founder and designer Maya Levi stated on her site that she designs shoes with the belief that they “make or break” an outfit. We most certainly agree! Her beautiful, handcrafted shoes and boots look like the perfect addition any closet. We are particularly in love with the Woven Leather Boots, available in both Grey and Black. Lucky for us the holidays are coming! Fingers crossed these may make their way under our tree and into our wardrobe!

Olive Thomas

(Photo courtesy of Etsy via Olive Thomas Shoes)

Find the complete Olive Thomas Shoe Collection here. We can’t wait to see what’s to come from this golden shop in the future! We love the unique products Etsy connects us with. Here’s to hoping the treasures keep coming!

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