Worth a Look…Or a Taste

Sticky Fingers Bakeries

Thanksgiving is coming! That means a bit of much needed free time will soon come our way, as well. It is no secret–our mornings are usually quite busy. Trying to pull a teenager out of bed for school is no task we wish upon anyone! The opportunity to enjoy a lazy morning with family and friends while sipping coffee or tea by a toasty fire is not something to be passed up. If you are looking to add an easy sweet treat to accompany these lovely mornings, we suggest any of the delicious premium mixes from Sticky Fingers Bakeries. Our go-to is the raspberry white chocolate scones! They have many other delicious scone, muffin, brownie, bread, and even gluten-free options, as well. For many of their treats, all you need is the ability to mix the contents with water and slam it in the over; no baking degree required! Additionally, as they are so easy to make, it is the perfect activity for eager little ones in your life to provide a helping hand! If you are looking for a morning Thanksgiving activity with sweet rewards, we suggest giving Sticky Fingers Bakeries a try. You won’t be disappointed! Check out their website for a complete product list and retail locations.

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