Boot Love: The Frye Company Celebrates 150 Years!


When my mother was a teenager, she asked her mother for a pair of the then-trendy Campus Frye boots. My Grandmother said no. When I was a teenager my mother asked if I wanted a pair of the same, now classic, Campus Frye boots. I said no.

And then I hesitantly said yes.

Now, I realize how bratty that sounds, refusing the offer of a generous and beautiful gift, but I didn’t understand her appreciation for them at that point. Frankly, I thought they were clunky–something that would only be seen on “That’s 70’s Show,” worn by Mila Kunis’s uppity, princess character, Jackie.

But then the box came in the mail and I fell in love. With the color, the leather, how I could (and do!) wear them with everything. Friends teased how the first thing I would run to when I returned from a semester abroad were my Frye boots, which I was too afraid to bring along for fear of destroying them, and they were not too far off.

Over the years, my collection has grown beyond that well-loved pair, which has been re-soled and reworked many times, only to become more beautiful. They survived high school, college, Minnesota winters (including a significant walk in a true snow storm), parties, dances, and concerts, all while I would slip my key, money, and ID into the shaft of the left boot for safe keeping. They never get smudged, they only get prettier.

For my mother’s birthday last spring, I gave her a pair of the Campus boots she had loved so much when she was my age. Now knowing that Frye is celebrating 150 years, it seems appropriate–Frye’s tradition was passed to me by my mother. I’m very happy to share a love and adoration for this wonderful brand with her.

The Frye Company is featuring a special anniversary collection to celebrate their 150th anniversary! Check it out and all of their other wonderful products! Happy 150th, Frye! 

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